Monday, February 18, 2013

Kolsch 1/5/2013

I decided to brew a Kolsch but I really wanted an American Pale Ale as well.
So I did a mash for a 10 gallon batch, made a Kolsch starter for 10 gallons.
Then I split the mash runnings and hopped one as a Kolsch and one a Pale Ale.
The grain bill was 85% Pils, 10% wheat, 5% sauer malt.
I then hopped the Kolsch with a traditional 60 minute noble hop and then hop blasted the pale ale with 8 oz of Simcoe/Amarillo tossed at flameout.

The Kolsch was a normal Kolsch.
The Pale Ale had great aroma but took 5 weeks to clear. The sulfur for the yeast was gone after 2 weeks lagering. Hop blasting is a technique I really like for hoppy beers.

Bottom line the Kolsch yeast is a fine yeast for American Pale Ales.

Brewery Under Construction 2/16/13

I've been building another brewery system, so not much has been posted over the last month.

I had to brew something with the Mrs. out of town this weekend, so I whipped something up Saturday morning.

More to come tomorrow.