Monday, June 6, 2016

Whitbread SSS 1892 Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes for:

I casked up both yeasts for this beer:
WLP002 - finished about 8.5%
WLP023 - finished about 9%

Tasting notes: WLP023: Dark like cocoa, caramel, chewy malt, molasses, nutty, dark chocolate, creamy, figgy pudding, Golding hops.
I casked this beer, but it's 90 degrees in the brewery so it's being pushed by Nitrogen and served on stout tap at 40 degrees.

I would never guess this beer is 9%.

I believe you would love this beer. Thanks for what you do.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Fish Tales APA 6/4/16

I went striper fishing this morning with a few cousins and one of my brothers. It was a fun day on the water, we caught some nice bass and a few flounder. I ended up with the largest bass, and it was pretty big. This trip didn't have constant action with crazy blitzes, but any trip where you catch decent fish you can't have any complaints. Everyone caught fish, except for the kid...

When I got home I fired up the brewery and brewed a Pale Ale hop bursted with Amarillo and Styrian Goldings as Tammy cooked her baked striper recipe. 

The Irish cowboy on the high seas. Me with the face mask and glasses and all covered up with sunscreen. I still got too much sun for my skin cancer history!

New Belgium - Fat Tire :: Lady Luck Brewing - Joe's Spare Tire

Very close!
After three attempts, I have a recipe that is very close to New Belgium Fat Tire. I believe my beer is very close to the original.  Color, hop, mouthfeel, clarity, taste.

I would say the slight difference in taste is due to the house yeast strain for New Belgium.
When Fat Tire warms up it gives a bready note, which wlp001 just doesn't have.
I used WLP005 and WLP001 in my trials. WLP005 actually makes a better beer than WLP001, but it is all wrong for Fat Tire. WLP001 is cleaner than New Belgium's yeast. New Belgium strain leaves a bread note in the finish which I believe is not attributed to malt grist.

I may try the following yeast in the following trials:

In the meantime, come over to the brewery and enjoy
Joe's Spare Tire !


Monday, May 30, 2016

A '63 Red Rocket 5/30/16

Brewed a Red IPA today called A '63 Red Rocket. Today is Memorial Day, and my Mom passed away a year tomorrow. My thoughts this weekend have been with her.

When I was little,  my Dad and Mom owned a 1963 Chevy Impala. The Impala was a dark red maroon color. In 1973 we moved out of the city and to the country. This meant Mom and I would go from place to place and our drives were longer than they used to be.

Going to my Mom's mom's home meant an hour ride into the city. We would always talk about do we go the back way or down Verree Ave? Or which way at The Buck?

We would get lost exploring the new roads trying to find a way to Oxford Valley Mall until we found a secret road (I told her to follow the Yellow brick Road).

Driving around asking township truck drivers for loads of dirt to spread in the low spots at out new house was always an adventure.

Waiting in line for gas in the 70's during the gas shortage so my Dad could siphon gas into his car so he could get to work.

Whenever I see a 60s Impala it brings me back to those adventures with my Mum. Sure do miss her.

Cheers Mom.

malts:2 row, munich, c120, c60, special roast, pale chocolate
hops: Galaxy,Cascade,Amarillo (Hop Bursted 10 minutes)
Yeast: WLP001 repitch
regular water treatment for the mash and then 10G gypsum added to boil.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

On the Rockpile 2016

Every spring I brew a Berliner weisse for the summer. It's a style that I enjoy in the summer. It's a low alcohol beer made with lactic bacteria and a German ale yeast. Sometimes it's sweetened with raspberry or woodruff syrup, sometimes 7up is added. But I like it as it is.

My Uncle Tommy spent time in Berlin during the service and patrolled the Berlin wall. They called it the "rock pile".

So Uncle Tommy...

Here's to you and the rock pile!

Brew details:
4# pils, 1# acid malt, 4# red wheat
.25# mash hops Belma - 2-3 ibus
15 minute boil
The Yeast Bay 2016 Lacto Blend Beta

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Warsteiner Dunkel

Every time I'm in Manhattan, I like to stop at this German bar and drink a Warsteiner Dunkel.
I made a few Dunkels over the years, but they are not as good as Warsteiner.
Munich Dunkel is a style that I really enjoy. It's a subtle easy drinking beer.

I've decided to start a research project to try to make a Dunkel in the same class as Warsteiner.
I started at the website:
Soft water, special roasted barley, hops and yeast.

Then I emailed the brewery for more details on the recipe. They wouldn't provide any details on mash  or specific ingredients. They did send a nice response along with the document below.

I have neutral water in the brewery and I run in through a carbon filter. When I brew this I am going to soften the water further. I am also going to use all Weyermann malts and a Munich yeast.
Munich, a little melanoidin, and a little roasted barley
Haltetau Mittelfrüh hops 21 ibus - 60, 20 minutes
Yeast - Munich yeast - wlp838

Stay tuned....

Kind regards

By order Ulrike Eschrich

Warsteiner Logo
Haus Cramer KG
Domring 4 - 10 | D - 59581 Warstein
Tel.: +49 (2902) 88-1210 | Fax.: +49 (2902) 88-2210

Version 03 10.07.2015
client information WARSTEINER DUNKEL
Warsteiner Dunkel
Beverage type
bottom fermented
Added indications
Beer type
dark beer
Beer style
dark beer (Munich type)
Product description

fiery dark color and fine pored head
dark, amber
decent fine and elegant scent of roasted malt and by its unique soft brewing water as well as its selected raw materials of highest quality with a fine liveliness and a stimulating fullness of flavour.
gentle, bitter sweet
Brewing water, barley malt, roasted barley malt, hops, hop extract
Beer production
Warsteiner Dunkel is brewed with:
Brewing water
Brewing water of an outstanding quality for WARSTEINER which is particularly characterized by it's pureness and "softness".
Malt from selected and audited two-row spring barley of specified types and provenances.
Hops, composed due to the results of professional manual quality evaluation and elaborated analysis methods of hundreds of samples of fresh harvested batches of premium quality varieties from accepted best provenances, so that it matches the profile demands for WARSTEINER. (To keep this harvest-fresh quality over the year these selected batches are extracted after selection immediately with the help of pure carbon dioxide or alcohol respectively pelletized and vacuum-packed).
Brewer's yeast
Brewer's yeast that has been especially selected for WARSTEINER to achieve the unique character of this top beer.
Beer analysis
Nutrition information
Typical values per 100 ml:
Percentage composition
Original gravity
Alcohol content
Alcohol content
Remaining extract
# of which saturates
# of which sugars
Extract (malt extract)
Hops & hop extract
Carbon dioxide
Storage conditions
stored in a cool, dark and dry place
Recommend. drinking temp. (°C)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Lady Luck Alt Meter - 05/14/16

I haven't brewed an alt since 2011, it's about time I resisted that style.
Pilsner, munich, aromatic, caramunich, and Black Prinz.
I used Spalt hops which are very common hop for and alt.
Going for a 5% beer with a copper color.

The brew kettle controller went all wacky during the mash on this beer. I rewired in a spare and kept on brewing...