Monday, May 28, 2012

Rain, Thunder, Lightning and SMOKE

Today was the second half of my brewday that was interrupted by rain yesterday.
I woke up to light rain and an ominous sky. My plan was to smoke a pork shoulder and brew a smoked lager. I made a tinfoil hat for the grill vents to keep the rain out of the smoker and then dragged the patio table and umbrella over the brewery.  The rain started and stopped, then the lightning and thunder started.  I took a break and headed inside. Thunder, lightning, and rain then subsided and I was able to complete my brewday without issue. The smoker ran a little hotter than I like but the pork shoulder still came out okay.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Redhead Lager

Today's brewday was a very hot day - humid and very sunny.  I was planning on brewing two brews today but I ended up getting a late start and only was able to get one in because mother nature didn't cooperate. So it looks like I'll be brewing again tomorrow.
I ended up brewing a German lager and used Carared. Carared is a malt from Weyermann that I have never brewed with before. 

Tomorrow is another lager but I'll be using  30% smoked malt in the grist.

But today was a red headed lager...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hefeweizen - part 2 and part 3


Here's this weeks brew:

50% German Wheat
50% German Pils

12 gallon batch of Hefeweizen split 2 ways at the fermentor.
All pitched with 1 and 2 smack pack of 3068 and O2 for 60 seconds.

Then brewed another batch - 6 gallon batch  of Hefeweizen.

4 gallons - open ferment
9 gallons - conical
4 gallons - bucket

Just finishing up a long day. Brewed two batches and kegged the last three batches, also made some brats, burgers, and a chicken on the grill.