Monday, May 18, 2015

Hoe de Garden (Belgian Wit) and Little Cousin (American Pale Ale) 05/16/2015

Hoe de Garden - Belgian Wit - OG 1.046
Spiced with Orange/Grapefruit peel, chamomile, coriander
50/50 wheat/pils
mash ph 5.29 -
no sparge
Bella hop bittering/Hallertau (5 grams) flameout
WLP400 - 1L starter 1 day

Little Cousin - American Pale Ale OG 1.046
Golden promise 93%, 7% carafoam
mash ph 5.3 - no sparge
All flameout hops (9oz-3oz of each) Chinook, Columbus,Galaxy whirlpool 10 minutes
2 oz of Columbus at start of chilling.
Chill to 70f
Rest for 45min.
Pitch WLP001 - 1L starter 1 day

Brewery issue - I have an oring going bad on a hose connector. I pulled the connector out and will replace it before it leaks or causes a burn.
No pressure fermentation for 30 hours then put air lock on.