Thursday, September 4, 2014

BP Barkley Perkins BS Brown Stout 1887 Old School Stout 9/14

The second in a series of old school brews from Ron Pattison's "Shut Up about Barkley Perkins" newest book.
The stout from the Barkley Perkins brewery is a recipe brewed in 1887.
Crystal, black malt, brown malt, amber, pale malt, and invert sugar #3. EKG
WLP007 - Whitbred dry 
OG: 1.071

A no problem brew day. Pitched at 58 and let rise to 70.
It's raging after 12 hours.

Taste Notes:Future

Back to school Harvest Pale Ale 8/2014

Well I brought the oldest back to college/university this weekend. I squeezed in a brew late night with the hops I harvested 7 days ago.

14g Warrior 
Whirlpool hops:
36G Centennial
81G Cascade
72G Chinook
40G Columbus

Dry Hops:
81G Cascade
72G Chinook

Taste notes:
Huge juicy fruit flavor.