Friday, August 28, 2015

New Belgium Brewing distributing in PA starting 8/31/15

Be prepared to see this logo around town as New Belgium is finally coming to PA.
Fat Tire is sometimes considered a "Craft gateway beer", but I always enjoy one whenever  I go out west. It was a pleasant treat that I looked forward to. Now I can enjoy one at home.

Hopefully their Lips of Faith line will be distributed as well.

If only we could see more Cantillion and Heretic!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

2015 Harvest Pale Ale - 08/16/15

Harvested my hops today. I bit early this year but this when the schedule allows so I picked the top cones of the bones and donated the rest of the hops. I ended up with 1# dried hops (Centennial, Columbus, Chinook, Cascade) with the later two being double the first by weight.
I ended up with as 5 gallon bucket full of dried hops for a 8 gallon batch.
Grain bill - 65% 2 row, 27% 6 row, 5% victory, 3% c20
I bittered with a small amount of Warrior for 18 ibus at 60 minutes. The harvest hops were added at flameout and I had a 30 minute stand. I then chilled with a immersion chiller for about 70 minutes to 65F, then rested 30 minutes to let everything drop out.
Transferred to 2 carboys with OG 1.056.

The brewery was super hot - close to a 100F  while brewing. The boil was controlled as it should have been. The relay in the control panel must not switch off correctly with the heat.  I've had this problem before. If this starts occurring more often I may have to replace the boil circuit relay, but my gut tells me the control panel is too small. With all the man hours I have into that panel, I'm hoping this is an occasional problem on hot days.