Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Brewery construction January 2014

I added a welded port to the HLT and Kettle.
Diagnosed a intermittent problem with the controller that runs the kettle. The sensor for the kettle had an internal solder joint that wasn't solid. Fixed it and got the OHM resistance readings I was looking for.
Here's some pics of the new kettle ports and setup. 
All stainless now, I am satisfied with the build. Almost.
I need to run through a full brew session to fully commit to be satisfied. Almost.

New book in the mail today!

I read the book the last two evenings and it was a very interesting read. I picked up some brewing knowledge, reviewed some interesting recipes, and enjoyed Ron's narrative.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

I need a bitter stat - 1962 Fullers PA

Got home from work tonight and decided I needed to brew a little something something.
How about a nice bitter/pale ale/mild? I just happen to have some washed Fullers yeast getting hungry.
Here's what I brewed:

1962 must have been a pretty good year from what I've seen,

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Stout Uncle - January 5, 2014

I attended a funeral a few days ago for my Uncle Jim who I always got along with well. Jim enjoyed his Guinness and I have a soft spot in my heart for Guinness. At the funeral, I was talking to my cousin Anne who was in town to attend the funeral.  Anne's father Frank is also an uncle I am fond of, but never had the opportunity to spend much time with (he lives in England). In the few times with him we enjoyed a few pints.  Uncle Frank isn't doing so good either, so I figured I would brew something in honor of my two uncles.

I brewed a 1923 Courage Stout from Ron Pattinson's blog "Shut up about Barkley Perkins".
I love Ron's blog which contains his old brewing log research and an interesting view into his world.

Brew day went well and I just beat the deep freeze as a nasty cold front rolled in. Two days later we had a high of 7 degrees, coldest in a few decades.

Guinness, my chocolate lab of 13.5 years is also not doing so well. Here's a shot from when he was a puppy.