Friday, July 18, 2014

FIFA Stout 6/28/2014

The world cup has been a lot of fun to watch this year. Hopefully the USA can last a little longer next time.

Tropical breweries seem to use Lager yeast when making their stouts, so I'm making a stout with lager yeast.

2 row, flaked barley, roasted barley, a little rye, EKG, and WLP830.

This is a keeper recipe for a stout.

Blueberry wine 07/04/2014

4# blueberries
.75 oz Citric acid
2.25# sugar
3.75 Liters of water
4 G Go ferm
Lavlin RC 212
4 G Fermaid K

Boonesfarm ?

2014 Garden - Pollinator friendly

I've seen more honey bees this year than I have for a long time.


Butterfly garden

Butterfly garden



Honeycrisp Apple

Hops, Figs, vegetables


Corn, cucs, cardoon