Saturday, April 16, 2016

Whitbread SSS 1892 4/16/16

Another beer from Ron Pattinson's blog/books. Buy his book, it's interesting.

This is a stout called SSS - Imperial Stout.
I subbed the Whitbread yeast out as I had two others on hand and split the batch between the two yeasts. This is the first brew since I rewired the brewery control panel after the issues with the boil kettle plug. No problems today and the brewery smelled of dark roast during the brew. 
This should come in around 8% ABV, so my baby brother will have his 2016 Sledwrecker for Christmas Eve...

Friday, April 15, 2016

Courage X 1918 - Mild - 3/25/16

Every once in a while I like to drop back in time and brew a beer that hasn't been around in a long time. How about a little 100 year old English Mild for the recently repaired beer engine? Pale, mild, crystal, invert sugar, caramel coloring. English and German hops. Around 4% abv. I really like these low alcohol beers. 

Here's the recipe from the brewery log master - Ron Pattinson Tasting Notes

4/15/16 update: WLP002 Yeast: A little coffee in the nose, burnt sugar, caramel, a little malt, a little hop.

Jasus, Mary, and Joseph, this is nice.

 Why don't breweries make this kind of beer any more?

Brewery update: Had a problem with kettle plug melting. Looks like a loose connection in the wiring. I may have caused this when replacing the PID. Replaced wiring and the plugs.

The Bloodthirsty Cock 3/11/16

English style Barley wine 1.092 OG 1.029 FG 8.4 ABV Golden Promise 50% Maris Otter 33% Pils 3% Amber malt 3% crystal dark 2% crystal extra dark 2% caramunich III 1% 71 IBU - belma and EKG You don't think your going to see this type of thing Christmas morning. A heritage rooster head in the middle of the front yard. A fox must have got into the hen house down the street.
 Inspiration comes from the weirdest places...
Brewery update: Had a problem with the boil kettle PID controller/SSR. Continuous boil at high boil off. Replaced the SSR and the problem was the SSR controller on the PID. Corrected.

Spare Tire tasting notes 4/15/16

Spare Tire 1.0 WLP005 - Little fruit off the yeast, closest to Fat Tire. But the recipe has pale chocolate and New Belgium doesn't use it. Best beer of the three. Biscuit comes through nice. Spare Tire 1.0 WLP001 - But the recipe has pale chocolate and New Belgium doesn't use it. Not enough biscuit. Spare Tire 2.0 WLP001 - Not enough biscuit. I would increase biscuit and munich next time.