Saturday, November 22, 2014

Can You Brew it?

I decided to brew a beer from The Brewing Network's Jamil Show/Can You Brew it.
Uinta Wyld Pale Ale
2 row, munich, Carapils, C20. The thing is it has the largest amount of Carapils (11%) I have every used in a recipe. Amarillo for bittering, and loads of Simcoe for aroma - Kolsch yeast.
This should be the last beer brewed for the family Christmas Eve get together.

I also used my hop back (2 oz of simcoe) and plate chiller for this batch. I tried a new procedure for sanitizing the chiller and hop back. Run the wort through both when it first boils.

I strayed from the recipe a bit. I added a hopback addition of 2 oz. I also double dry hopped.
I think Tasty would approve.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day of the Dead - Evil vs. Good

Day of the Dead is All souls Day. I remember being a kid and being drug to church on this day or being lucky enough to pull alter boy service.
I didn't want to be at church after a night of Trick or Treating!

So something that plays on both.
Started with a Kolsch base, added a little caramunich, light munich, and then (oats, wheat, rye).
Fermented with Kolsch yeast that was way past it's expiration date that I revived with a starter.
Plan to ferment out split three ways and pitch a different Brett strain to each one.
Then a trinty of Bret Melange, Bret Anonomolous, Bret Brux Trois.

To recap we have the Zombie yeast and then the Trinity of Bret to finish it off.

Truman Burton 4 1877 10/2014

Truman Burton brewery - recipe from 1877 - is a strong ale made for keeping.
This one comes in over 7% and with American bittering hops and East Kent Golding hops for flavor.
Brew Notes: New 3 roller mill - low conversion due to incorrect gap.

Noakes X 1915 - 9/2014

Noakes X was a English Mild recipe from 1915.
Pale Malt, Crystal, Touch of Black malt, and loads of Invert #3.
5% Mild
First Use of Brambling Cross hop.
Brew notes: Having issues with grain mill - going to replace.