Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Smoke em if you got em.

I harvested the yeast cakes (830,835) from my Swartzbier and continued the yeast experiment with a Rauchbier. The grain bill is 48% smoked malt.

I always enjoy a beer with smoke malt but never have gone this high of a percentage of smoked malt.
Both are fermenting away nicely after a strong healthy pitch.

Doing it in the Dark

I had a bunch of lager yeast *830, 835) left from my Lady Luck Lager, so I made an over the top Swartzbier from Jamil Zainasheff called "Doing it in the Dark". It's supposed to be an over the top for the style, but I'm expecting good things.

Normal brew day 11/4/12 - no issues.
Split fermentation 830 and 835.

Hmm... what to do with lager yeast with roasty overtones?
I smell something smokey coming...