Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas !

Tap List:
Frosty the Bohemian - Bohemian Pilsner
Scrooged - English Brown Ale
Sledwrecker - Russian Imperial Stout aged on Merlot Oak cubes
Sneaky Mrs. Claus - Belgian Golden Strong
Thing Red - Flanders red aged on sour cherries
Raspberry Mead - Honey wine made with copious amounts of raspberries
German Eisbock - 3 year old freeze distilled German bock

Wine list:
Jamison Merlot - California grapes
Jamison Reisling - California grapes

Shrimp cocktail
Little hotdogs
Clams casino
Fried calamari
Fried shrimp - southern
Grilled Lime shrimp
Crab puffs
mushroom puffs
spinach puffs
Bacon wrapped scallops
Italian potato and tuna salad

Main course:
Grilled applewood Salmon
Puttanesca Bacalla
Pasta and anchovies
Crab ravioli's in lemon sauce