Friday, August 8, 2014

BP Barkley Perkins HHD 1886 - Old School Porter - 8/14

Porter recipe from Ron Pattison's "Shut Up about Barkley Perkins" newest book.
The porter is from the Barkley Perkins brewery is a recipe brewed in 1886.
Crystal, black malt, brown malt, amber, pale malt, and invert sugar #3. EKG
WLP007 - Whitbred dry - May be one of my favorite English yeast strains.
OG: 1.054
Fall is coming, so that means the beer engine will be back in play before you know it. Time to start building up the pipeline.

I had a new home brewer come over to see how an all grain brew day goes. I think he picked up a few things he can use.  I sent him home with 5.25 gallons of yeast pitched wort.

I overshot my mash temp after 15 minutes. I explained stuff happens during brew day and it's good to know how to recover.
I forgot to turn my HERMS pump on and my mash reached 170 degrees before I noticed.
I added cold water to drop the temp and added a few handfuls of freshly ground 2 row to help the conversion. I still came out a few points low and just boiled a little longer to get to my target gravity.

The gravity reading wort sample tasted really good, so a decent porter is a few weeks away.

This is the first of a series of old school recipes from each "style" listed in Ron's book. I shooting for something around 1886.
Pale Ale
Little Bitter

This finished at 1.029 and according to the brewing log records at BP it should have finished at 1.014. After primary I split the batch and added some active lager yeast. This batch dropped to 1.026.
I wasn't sure if the high amount of crystal or if my mash error caused this.
So I rebrewed the same recipe and mashed at 149.
This batch finished at 1.024.
So the high amount of crystal prevents this recipe from finishing at 1.014.
The only way this could have finished this low was if there was some brett in the original strain used at the brewery in 1886.
I have a bunch of bret strains in the yeast bank so I may pitch some brett.

Swartzbier -Swartz - 8/2014

You have the ring. And I see that your Schwartz is as big as mine. Now, let's see how well you handle it.
Who doesn't love Spaceballs and a good Swartzbier.

Under 5% ABV, a little roast, a lithe dark,
Hops - German Spalt.
A little Black Prinz malt for Annikin.

White labs 830 - Weihenstephan 34/70 - My go to lager yeast.
OG - 1.045 
FG - 1.009

Beer for football season.

Bavarian Pilsner - German Hull Melon - 7/2014

Hoppy German Pilsner - New German hop - Hull Melon

No sparge mash to get best malt flavor.
28G German Hull Melon - First wort hopping for smooth bitterness.
56G German Hull Melon - 10 minute whirlpool prior to chilling.

White labs 830 - Weihenstephan 34/70 - My go to lager yeast.
OG - 1.042 
FG - 1.009

Low alcohol hoppy pils for summer. 
Hop is supposed to have melon/strawberry flavor.
Taste notes:
I don't get strawberry but I do pick up some melon. Nice mellow beer, hop is fine nothing special to note.

2014 garden

Sweet corn is pretty tall.