Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Nita Nee Stout - Irish Dry Stout - 4/25/15

Second brew of day - Irish Dry stout.
I was going to do a no sparge but I forgot to add roasted barley at mash out so I did a batch sparge.
Overshoot target will have to cut with boiled water to drop the alcohol level.
Used a 3/4# rice that we didn't like - it should be just sugar in the boil.
London Ale - wlp013, flaked barley, 2 row, roasted barley - EKG.
Was fermenting in a few hours and is pretty much at terminal gravity in 3 days.
Counterflow chiller.
No issues on brew day.
The new grain mill is great.

All Nighter - English Standard Bitter - 04/25/15

Today is a double brew day to build the pipeline for Shannon's graduation party.
First up an English Standard Bitter.
Hoped with Bramling Cross - mildly hopped. Hoping for a little interesting flavor.
My favorite "English malt" - Golden Promise, 1/2# of English C120, 1/4# of special roast, and 1/4# of invert#2. 
Yorkshire Yeast -repitch from English Brown Ale - 3 week old yeast.

New mill - Monster mill - used standard gap setting and it is a much better mill.
Used counterflow chiller and no sparge to speed up brew day.
No issues - was fermenting in a few hours.

Summer Session - Kolsch 04/18/15

Brewed a Kolsch today. I actually made a double batch and split the fermentation between WLP003, WLP029, Wyeast 2565. I have heard that 2565 is sometimes preferred over WLP029 so I wanted to check that out and wlp003 is a platinum White labs Kolsch strain that I happened to pick up.

I had some mill issues again and I've decided to replace my mill with a different brand.
I ordered a Monster Mill at the end of this brewday. I was tired of fighting with the other mill.

Had to double grind the grain because the mill was not crushing the kernels. I ended up overshooting my conversion efficiency and will add boiled water back to cut the alcohol level back down to a more session beer. This is beer three for Shannon's graduation party, three more to go.

I used Kolsch malt, it's a little like a vienna but not as sweet.
Hallertauer Mittelfrueh hops.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Lady Luck Lager - Munich Helles - 4/3/15

I brewed a Munich Helles tonight. Munich Helles is one of my favorite styles.
Easy drinking malt focused pale gold clean lager.
This beer will be on tap for Shannon's graduation party.

Summary of brew Day:
I'm still using the Northern Brewer mill. The problem is that the rollers don't always grab the grain and if they do the husk isn't always broken. Once I get a coupon I'll be getting a Monster Mill.