Monday, May 30, 2016

A '63 Red Rocket 5/30/16

Brewed a Red IPA today called A '63 Red Rocket. Today is Memorial Day, and my Mom passed away a year tomorrow. My thoughts this weekend have been with her.

When I was little,  my Dad and Mom owned a 1963 Chevy Impala. The Impala was a dark red maroon color. In 1973 we moved out of the city and to the country. This meant Mom and I would go from place to place and our drives were longer than they used to be.

Going to my Mom's mom's home meant an hour ride into the city. We would always talk about do we go the back way or down Verree Ave? Or which way at The Buck?

We would get lost exploring the new roads trying to find a way to Oxford Valley Mall until we found a secret road (I told her to follow the Yellow brick Road).

Driving around asking township truck drivers for loads of dirt to spread in the low spots at out new house was always an adventure.

Waiting in line for gas in the 70's during the gas shortage so my Dad could siphon gas into his car so he could get to work.

Whenever I see a 60s Impala it brings me back to those adventures with my Mum. Sure do miss her.

Cheers Mom.

malts:2 row, munich, c120, c60, special roast, pale chocolate
hops: Galaxy,Cascade,Amarillo (Hop Bursted 10 minutes)
Yeast: WLP001 repitch
regular water treatment for the mash and then 10G gypsum added to boil.

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