Sunday, June 5, 2016

New Belgium - Fat Tire :: Lady Luck Brewing - Joe's Spare Tire

Very close!
After three attempts, I have a recipe that is very close to New Belgium Fat Tire. I believe my beer is very close to the original.  Color, hop, mouthfeel, clarity, taste.

I would say the slight difference in taste is due to the house yeast strain for New Belgium.
When Fat Tire warms up it gives a bready note, which wlp001 just doesn't have.
I used WLP005 and WLP001 in my trials. WLP005 actually makes a better beer than WLP001, but it is all wrong for Fat Tire. WLP001 is cleaner than New Belgium's yeast. New Belgium strain leaves a bread note in the finish which I believe is not attributed to malt grist.

I may try the following yeast in the following trials:

In the meantime, come over to the brewery and enjoy
Joe's Spare Tire !


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